Emmerdale spoilers: Mary’s exit confirmed amid fire horror?

What option will Mary pick? (Image from ITV)

In Emmerdale, Mary (Louise Jameson) is slowly but surely falling madly in love with Faye (Jane Gurnett), and her blind love will cause her to consider leaving the community and its safety.

When Faye asks Mary out, this relationship immediately picks up speed and accelerates to 100 mph. However, Faye with her conflicting signals do appear to be a little suss. Does she genuinely desire Mary, or is she only enjoying their new romance?

Faye shocks everyone by revealing that she must return to Ecuador to assist in managing the women’s sanctuary. Mary is speechless by what she is hearing and urgently attempts to persuade Faye to remain, but she is certain in her decision.

As Mary struggles to process the impending loss of Faye, her lover surprises her by inviting her to join them.

Mary is taken aback by the invitation and tells Rhona (Zoe Henry), but before Rhona can convince her romantically awed mother that travelling is a bad idea, she is happy to hear Mary come to her own decision that going is not the best course of action. But Mary could turn out to be just as undecided on the embryos as Rhona was.

A conversation with Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) may change everything. When Mary tells her that her kid is the only thing keeping her from chasing after the new lady in her life, Suzy offers Mary food for thought by telling her that she later regretted not pursuing Vanessa.

Mary could make a significant choice as a result of that little piece of information. Faye’s revelation that there has been a fire at the women’s shelter and that she must move up her preparations to depart is the cherry on top. But may Faye be using this as a ruse to coerce Mary into accompanying her?

Poor Mary’s situation won’t turn out well, according to producer Jane Hudson.

Mary’s romance is her first after coming out. She’s been so open and vulnerable, and she’s really put herself out there, but regrettably, there won’t be a happy ending,’ she told us.

Come with me, please! But Mary shouldn’t put her confidence in Faye (ITV image).

Mary’s heart will be crushed, I can tell you that. The story’s main relevance, in my opinion, is in how simple it is to fall for a con, to be duped, and to let love blind you to reason.

“I believe that regardless of age, we are all susceptible to being duped, conned, or catfished. It’s a terribly tragic narrative, and Louise is really great in how she portrays it.

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