Emmerdale spoilers: Angelica is sentenced for killing Heath

She’s sentenced to eight months in a secure children’s home.

According to next week’s Emmerdale spoilers, Angelica King will spend eight months in prison for the death of her friend Heath Hope in a car accident.

However, what is the teen’s plan for handling the news with her distraught family? Spoilers ahead for Emmerdale: read on to get the whole story.

Angelica is sentenced to eight months in a secure children’s home (Credit: ITV)

Emotions running high

Jimmy and Nicola are upset for Angelica as she gets ready for her sentence, but they’re also trying to be strong for their kid.

They simply hope it won’t be for years because they know she will most likely spend some time in a safe children’s home. Though things aren’t looking good, they’ve been attempting to enjoy every second they have left together, which has included dancing in the parking lot and going to a Dua Lipa performance!

Even harder for the distraught parents is when Angelica steels herself and bids them both farewell, even if the Kings put on a brave front. Despite everyone being moved by the grief, Bob is able to comfort Angel with a few words.

When Angelica is given an eight-month term in a safe children’s home and Nicola finds it difficult to maintain order, the entire family is startled.

She sobs when she considers her daughter’s situation.

As Bob reads the letter Angel wrote for him at the B&B, he is also overcome with emotion.

Nicola is devastated (Credit: ITV)

Upset and alone

When Angelica calls home in a distressed state and Nicola tries valiantly to keep it together, things go much worse. However, as soon as she sets the phone down, she starts crying uncontrollably. Nicola finally opens out about how she feels and that she can’t help her kid.

It’s not all bad, though. Nicola walks over to the B&B and apologizes to Bob, feeling utterly miserable and unsure of what to do.

The antagonistic couple shares their sorrow and consolation with one another, bringing about a brief moment of calm.

Can they all go on as a group?

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