Emmerdale video shows infuriating Paddy and Chas moment that will leave you fuming

As this new video depicts Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) forgetting they’re not really together anymore and sharing a kiss, Emmerdale fans are sure to be feeling very emotional.

Oh no.

Months upon months and countless emotional struggles have brought Paddy and Mandy (Lisa Riley) to their current happy position, but Paddy recklessly discards everything in an instant.

Paddy chats with Chas in the back room of the pub about her breast cancer and how long she will need to heal following surgery.

No no no no! (Picture: ITV)

Paddy is troubled by Mandy’s reaction (Picture: ITV)

Subsequently, he shares his anxieties about the possibility of losing Chas to her illness. She listens while holding Paddy’s hand, but she quickly returns to reality as he separates his hands from hers and continues speaking.

Talking along, Paddy suddenly gets the feeling that he’s “put his foot in it.” Her ex tells her how strong she is and expresses gratitude and support, as Chas consoles him.

Then, caught up in the passionate exchange, Paddy and Chas lean in to share a kiss.

Paddy gives her a brief kiss, but the expression on his face thereafter shows that he is aware of his grave error.

Paddy later drives a spike through Mandy’s heart by admitting his transgression. So that’s a two-for-two. However, in a disturbing turn of events, she reacts very little to nothing, which worries Paddy.

What does the couple’s future hold?

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