Emmerdale spoilers: Baby deceit, reluctant Ryan and Chas struggles

Lies and deceit in the Dales (Picture: ITV)

Next week, as we analyze each episode in our in-depth guide, secrets are revealed and preparations are hatched in Emmerdale.

For Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), wedding bells are about to ring as they share some significant information.

In the meantime, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) is beginning to feel overwhelmed.

What you should know is as follows.

Monday September 25

Gail makes a heartfelt plea to Ryan (Picture: ITV)

How will Ryan and Gail go now that Gail’s secret is known, bearing the weight of her secret?

Fraught Chloe informs a shocked Amy that she believes she is pregnant once more. Mack is stunned to learn that Chloe is once more pregnant when he arrives later and sees her ordering a test on her phone.

Chloe is left speechless once she presents the proof of her pregnancy, but Mack’s joy goes into overdrive and he makes a proposal that she giddily accepts.

TuesdaySeptember 26

Chloe reveals to Amy that her period has arrived (Picture: ITV)

Close friends are informed by Mack and Chloe of their engagement and impending pregnancies. Mack gets ready for a grilling from his friends and family while Chloe, feeling duped, rushes to the bathroom.

After quickly putting Moira’s worries over his hurried engagement to rest, Mack goes to the bar, where Nate immediately recognizes his yearning for another child.

Amy is informed by Chloe that her menstruation has started. Later that day, when animated Mack exudes love for their unborn kid, Chloe is unable to inform him that there isn’t a baby.

Confused Amy at Keepers offers consolation to heartbroken Chloe, who thinks Mack won’t want her without the child. Amy tries her best to comfort her sister, but she is still in anguish by her dread of losing Mack.

Wednesday  September 27

Manpreet does her best to encourage Claudette (Picture: ITV)

In order to assist Claudette with funeral preparations, Manpreet and Ethan both take the day off from work.

Manpreet does her best to uplift Claudette, and there is a tender moment when they decide to go to the burial together.

Guilty Chloe tells Mack the truth, but how will he respond?

Thursday September 28

Tom riles up Charles (Picture: ITV)

Manpreet begs Charles to go back to the village in a voicemail as he struggles with the weight of the secret.

Charles is unable to run anymore when he gets home. After making various attempts to gradually reveal the truth, Claudette singing Charles’ qualities prevents him from telling her and causes him to guiltily slink away.

Tom is troubled by Charles’ excessive drinking in the Woolpack and watches as a dark cloud covers him.

Tom’s attempts to empathize with Charles only serve to enrage him. Tom responds to Charles’s outburst, but to everyone’s surprise, Tom quickly finds himself pinned to the bar by Charles.

After several threats and apologies, Charles’ family’s presence ultimately causes him to lose his temper and release Tom.

His family is worried when Charles flees. When Manpreet catches up to him, she begs Charles to be honest, but will she be able to convince him?

While explaining Paddy and Mandy’s relationship to Eve, Chas and Paddy seem happy to be together. Later, though, Chas finds it difficult to conceal her envy.

When Belle informs Tom that she cannot yet move in with him, Tom’s excitement is entirely dashed.

Friday September 29

Marlon reassures Chas (Picture: ITV)

Chas is reassured by Marlon that Eve would always love her and that she is a good mother.

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