Emmerdale spoilers: Bad news for David ahead of heartbreaking exit 

David’s situation isn’t good (Picture ITV).

Following the announcement that Matthew Wolfenden was leaving Emmerdale, rumours quickly spread about how his persona would depart the community.

Almost every villager can be seen carrying a bag bearing the name David at some point, from the shop he runs that’s one of the main hubs of village life. Matthew has been playing David Metcalfe on Emmerdale for 17 years, and even when the character isn’t on screen we’re constantly reminded of him.

It was in this shop that David got some news that appeared to leave him unsettled in Wednesday (September 13)’s episode. While at the store, his ex-partner Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) was discussing an impending food tasting event at the Hide with Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) and Mary (Louise Jameson).

She continued getting sidetracked by messages, which she explained were from an old school acquaintance who’d lately got back in contact.

The fact that this former classmate was a man and “drop dead gorgeous,” the person whom almost every lady in the school had set their sights on, were his two most noteworthy characteristics.

Before, he hadn’t paid much attention to Victoria, but now he was asking her out on a date.

“Since I was fifteen, I’ve been dreaming about this,” she said. “I don’t feel alive!” I had a strong dislike for him throughout school.

David said that meeting individuals online was a “minefield,” despite Mary’s encouraging words. He responded to Mary, “You should know,” which was needlessly harsh considering how tragically her relationship with Faye (Jane Gurnett) ended.

After being momentarily knocked down, Mary collected herself and expressed her continued optimism about meeting someone someday. Jacob emphasised that this individual wasn’t unfamiliar since Victoria knew him.

David spoke those words, still aiming to break Victoria’s bubble: “That’s if he is who he says he is.”

David is adamant on bursting Victoria’s bubble. (Image: ITV)

Mary pushed her to meet him after she said, “I’d never forget a face that handsome.” Honestly, if he’s that gorgeous, we all need to meet him.

However, David wasn’t content, and it’s obvious that he still feels something for Victoria. After David attempted to have a driving charge against Victoria dismissed last year, the pair broke up.

David made many efforts to heal fences and restart their relationship, but Victoria made it plain that she’d had enough.

Nonetheless, it seems that David hasn’t completely given up hope.

Is this a prelude to his departure narrative? Given that Matthew Wolfenden has said that the door would remain open for David to return, is it possible that he chooses to leave the town after Victoria’s newfound involvement shattered his heart?

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