Emmerdale spoilers: Sam exits amid harrowing Lydia rape ordeal

Sam comes to a choice. (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) is still having problems after her rape at the hands of Craig Reed (Ben Addis).

Guilt has added to her emotions of shock and betrayal at her childhood buddy, the father of her dead-at-birth baby Toby, being able to do such a thing. Lydia firmly informed Craig that she was happy in her marriage and that she didn’t want sex, but she was concerned that she could have encouraged him or led him on in some way.

Karen Blick informed us that returning to work in the same workplace where the assault occurred made things considerably more difficult.

“She has a physical reaction as a result of her experiences, similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.” Seeing him again triggers memories, emotions, and ideas related to what transpired. She is so attempting to digest it.

Karen made the observation that Lydia’s reactions to the incident and her handling of it are greatly influenced by Craig’s attitude after the rape.

“Observing the offender, who is disputing the event altogether, and her account of what transpired, that is the location where it took place.” She is being gaslighted, which makes it harder for her to go about her daily business and determines whether or not she can handle it. People won’t trust her because of her shame and self-doubt. That becomes worse for Lydia as time goes on.

The trauma starts to affect Lydia’s family members. (Image: ITV)

Lydia emotionally closes down and is unable to confide in Sam (James Hooton), which has an impact on her family as well. Unaware of the reason for her altered behaviour towards him, he decides to go to Ireland. Before leaving, Sam does his best to make things right with his wife, but he senses that she is moving away from him and questions whether Craig has taken his place in her heart.

Karen informed us, “They’re a really strong, solid couple who absolutely love each other dearly.” They are partners in life. Lydia’s greatest concern is how Sam would see her after learning what has transpired. Is he going to see her the same way? She is afraid of it. due of her intense guilt over what transpired and her concern for Sam’s opinion of her. Will Sam accept her story? Numerous thoughts race through her head.

Karen claimed Lydia is at an all-time low as Sam departs for Ireland, fretting about his marriage to his wife.

“Lydia is afraid that her marriage to Sam, which is everything to her, could end,” the woman said.

And the end of Lydia’s relationship with the Dingle family, which means a great deal to her. The Dingles are her whole universe as she was raised in foster care, alone, and separated from her own family in many respects.

“I sincerely hope they can support one another and work through this as a married couple moving forward.”

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