Emmerdale ‘triple exit’ as beloved villagers rocked by fresh heartbreak

EXCLUSIVE: After Heath Hope died in a horrific vehicle accident earlier this year, Angelica King nearly let her friend Cathy Hope to take the blame.

In forthcoming scenes on Emmerdale, Rebecca Bakes’ character Angelica King will make her exit after the judge sentences her for unintentionally killing Heath Hope (Sebastian Dowling) in a car accident. Angel nearly allowed her friend Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) take the blame for her brother’s passing at the moment, but ultimately, the guilt became too much for Angel.

According to official ITV spoilers, Jimmy finds it difficult to cheer himself up as he muses over Angel’s almost definite departure. When Angel bids her family farewell in an emotional way, her parents fight back tears.

Later on the morning, she is moved when Bob finds a way to comfort her. When the judge convicts Angelica to eight months in a safe children’s home, Angel, Nicola, and Jimmy are horrified. Nicola sobs, finding it difficult to understand her daughter’s suffering.

Bob is experiencing emotional turmoil while reading Angel’s letter. Later that night, when Angel phones in distressed, Nicola tries to gather herself.

Nicola struggles with her own helplessness and breaks down when she is unable to assist her daughter. Sensitive Nicola visits the B&B and extends her regrets to Bob. A warming moment occurs as the two lend support to one another during their mutual sadness.

Emmerdale: Angelica’s fate is finally confirmed in upcoming scenes (Image: ITV)

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk and other media, the actress portraying Nicola revealed details about her plot and the future developments for the King family. The soap star continued to hint at a triple exit, explaining that Nicola and Jimmy temporarily leave the village because they are having a hard time adjusting.

“Nicola and Jimmy are last seen with Angel being given eight months, after which there is no further information about them,” she started.

“After saying farewell off-screen, Bob, Brenda, Kathy, and Wendy are shown talking about Angel being moved to Bristol, meaning she isn’t a local either, in the next exchange that the viewer sees.

“So you know, obviously, they feel very sorry for Nicola and Jimmy because they realise this is going to be a lot harder.”

Emmerdale: Nicola struggles to cope with her daughter being sent away (Image: ITV)

The soap actress continued, “The next time we see Nicola and Jimmy, they come home, and they’re just in complete shock,” in reference to their return to the village.

“And while many may say, ‘It’s only eight months,’ I believe that for them it’s a lifetime, and then they realize how ridiculous they are.”

“But you know, when you’re not there for your daughter, you can’t go and visit every day, it’s hell on earth, isn’t it?”

Actress Nicola King acknowledged that she “lashes out because she can’t cope” with the pain she has endured over the years.

She continued, “And Jimmy tells her, ‘Look, this is what it is, and we have to deal with it,’ after giving her a serious talking to.

“And then obviously, there’s the wonderful olive branch from Bob, and that piece of relief I think sets them on a different path.”

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