Emmerdale spoilers: Caleb Milligan set to lose everything as three foes make him pay for his sins

Is anyone else absolutely ready for this? (Picture: ITV)

Since the details of his affair with Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh) were made public, Caleb Milligan (William Ash) has become quite isolated in Emmerdale.

Naturally, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) feels deceived by his uncle and business associate, and Kim Tate (Claire King) strained him even more in the episode that aired on Tuesday, March 5. She questioned him, “Where’s your pride?” and pushed him to confront Caleb.

Nate was therefore ready for a fight when he later found Caleb talking to Tracy outside the business, and Kim was happy to see him roughing Caleb up a little. because came to an end when Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Moira (Natalie J. Robb) arrived since they were traveling with Frankie, Nate’s daughter, and Nate felt guilty because Frankie had witnessed him acting violently.

Since it was obvious that Nate would need to take a different route in order to get revenge on Caleb, Aaron (Danny Miller) advised him to target Caleb right where it hurts the most: his pocketbook. Since Aaron has expertise stealing automobiles, and since Caleb owns a car firm, Nate’s main aim is to steal the cars.

It appears that Caleb is living on borrowed time (Image: ITV).

Aaron proceeded to discuss Nate’s request with Cain. Because of Caleb’s betrayal of Nate, Cain no longer views Caleb as a brother, so much so that he is not even close to him. In order to help Nate get “payback,” he consented to join Nate and Aaron in their plot.

Cain promised, “Caleb won’t see this coming.” “Perhaps it’s about time you and I gave him a lesson, proper.”

While Caleb must deal with the car-stealing anger of Cain, Aaron, and Nate, he should also be wary of Ruby (Beth Cordingly) and Kim.

It has taken Kim a while to exact revenge on Caleb for his scheme against her when he first moved to the town, but by assisting Ruby in bringing him to justice, it appears that she may soon turn the tables on the man who intended to steal her entire fortune.

Ruby informed Kim in this episode that she had complete access to Caleb’s accounts since she is also keen to obtain as much of his money as possible.

Caleb hasn’t seen any of it coming, but he’s about to take a ton of hits. You almost feel bad for him because of it.

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