Emmerdale spoilers: Mary Goskirk loses out on love again in devastating twist – and Rhona is to blame

Poor Mary! (Picture: ITV)

The beginnings of a romance between Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) and Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) have been evident in recent weeks of Emmerdale. Suzy has helped Mary through numerous difficult times, such the time she fell in love with Faye (Jane Gurnett) and was humiliated by her.

Mary had not dated anyone since coming out as homosexual until a few years ago, when she moved to the hamlet, and Faye was her first partner since then. Mary took a bold move by coming out and attempting to find love through online dating.

Following a few fruitless encounters, Mary finally found Faye, who appeared to be everything she was searching for. Mary fell deeply in love with Faye, but was saddened to learn that she was a vicious con artist.

Following this, Mary had Suzy’s backing, and the two became great friends.

When Suzy called to check on Mary, who was watching the kids at home on New Year’s Eve, the two ladies had a brief conversation. Mary was concerned about Ivy’s condition because she knew her daughter Rhona (Zoe Henry) would most likely experience heartache. After saying that she will always be there for her friend, Suzy and her friend shared a heated gaze before the baby started to cry.

Mary is starting to like Suzy. (Image: ITV)

More recently, when Suzy was handling the planning of Tom King (James Chase) and Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper)’s wedding, things went awry and Mary had to step in to save the day.

There was another moment between Mary and Suzy when it seemed like romance might be on the horizon as Mary helped her salvage what was left of the day.

When Suzy’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) later made a comeback to Emmerdale, Mary was devastated to witness their kiss.

Suzy and Vanessa haven’t been as close since that kiss, with Vanessa debating whether to recommit to her ex-boyfriend.

In the episode that aired on Tuesday, March 5, Rhona advised her former friend Vanessa to try again with Suzy. Unknowingly, Rhona had just sealed the doom for her unfortunate mother.

Vanessa took advantage of a karaoke night at the Woolpack to use music as a means of communicating her feelings to Suzy. She sung Sonia’s “You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You,” keeping her eyes fixed on Suzy the entire time. Although it wasn’t subtle, it worked well.

Vanessa then requested that Mary allow her and Suzy some room. Mary abandoned them, which was incredibly painful because, prior to Vanessa’s arrival, she and Suzy had been getting along great and Gail (Rachael Gill-Davis) had informed Mary that she believed Suzy liked her, adding that the age difference didn’t matter.

Mary then left, telling Suzy that she was prepared to try their romance again. Mary leaned away to cover her tears as they kissed.

Mary, poor thing. Is love ever going to find her?

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