Emmerdale spoilers: Charity set to destroy Chloe and Mack in revenge after sleeping with her ex again

Oh dear (Picture: ITV)

Drama often surrounds important family events in soap operas, and the baptism of newborn Reuben Boyd Harris in Emmerdale is no exception.

Drama has, of course, surrounded young Reuben’s existence from day one. When Chloe (Jessie Elland) and Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) temporarily got together following Mackenzie’s heated disagreement with Charity (Emma Atkins), who advised him to disseminate his seed elsewhere, they became pregnant. He decided to disperse in Chloe’s direction, taking her words absurdly literally, and it didn’t take long for her to announce she was expecting.

As he was completely focused on attempting to reestablish his relationship with Charity, which he managed to do successfully all the way to a wedding ceremony, Mackenzie first rejected the concept of Chloe’s kid.

But as the due date drew near, he started to have second thoughts, and once Reuben was born, he realized he needed to establish a relationship with his son. Their romance came to an end when Charity learned of his infidelity. After deciding to co-parent Reuben, Chloe and Mackenzie got involved romantically.

Chloe and Mack appear to be integrating into their new family life, and everything are going well with the baby’s impending baptism. However, everything is about to change.

Since there are no other choices, Mackenzie travels to locate Charity to accept her offer to hold the baptism celebration at the Woolpack when the original site falls through. After exchanging some tender remarks, they embrace passionately.

Charity and Mack try and process what’s happened (Picture: ITV)

After that, Mackenzie rushes out and heads back to Chloe’s house feeling embarrassed. Chloe is only happy that he has organized the baptism; she has no idea what he has been up to.

In order to get some help, Mackenzie goes to Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and explains what occurred. She makes the point that if Chloe learned what had transpired between him and Charity, he may lose Reuben. Mackenzie is still split between Chloe and Charity as she mulls over Moira’s advice.

Charity is hoping that the fact that she is sleeping with Mackenzie once more implies that there is a chance for them to reconcile and save their relationship. She shares her feelings and what transpired with Chas (Lucy Pargeter).

Charity is upbeat, Mackenzie is perplexed, and poor Chloe is unaware as the baptism begins. It appears that Mack must make a big choice, but who will he pick?

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