Emmerdale spoilers: Clemmie in serious danger as Dawn is left terrified

The young girl struggles with her emotions (Picture: ITV)

Although Dawn’s (Olivia Bromley) and Billy’s (Jay Kontzle) baby announcement is wonderful for them, it is not so wonderful for the children they already have in Emmerdale.

Even Dawn, who is still excited about her pregnancy, is surprised to find that she is 16 weeks along. She and Billy are overcome with emotion when they finally get to see their child and realize they won’t have to wait as long as they had anticipated.

They are aware of how significant this is for their family, and as Clemmie’s birthday approaches, they intend to make it a big affair for her before announcing the news.

However, as Clemmie’s special day approaches, Dawn and Billy are concerned to find her glum and unconcerned by her gifts. The young child makes the terrible admission that, no matter what happens, celebrating her birthday won’t bring her mother back.

Although it’s obvious that Dawn is too frail to hear about the baby just yet, big-gob-Gabby makes their decision for them when Nicky (Lewis Cope) stops by with a card and Gabby (Rosie Bentham) snaps, obnoxiously telling Dawn and Billy the news for her own selfish reasons. Clemmie reacts poorly to it as was expected, going into fits of hysteria. A new baby, in her opinion, implies she has no place in the family.

Dawn is sent to hospital (Picture: ITV)

There is no way to soothe her down, and Clemmie’s fury takes a terrible turn when, in her rage, she rams a stool into Dawn’s tummy. Clemmie watches in horror as Dawn collapses and realizes what she has done.

While Clemmie is filled with remorse and anxiety, Billy rushes Dawn to A&E. Clemmie decides that she can no longer wait to receive unpleasant news, so she sneaks out of Home Farm and flees into the night. Has she murdered Dawn’s child?

And is she actually in grave danger right now?

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