Emmerdale viewers predict bombshell Amelia court twist after Dan punch confession

Amelia didn’t seem to see anything wrong with Lloyd

Emmerdale teen Amelia Spencer (Image: ITV)

Fans of Emmerdale are certain that Amelia will side with Lloyd and bring her own father Dan to justice.

Dan knocked out Lloyd in tonight’s episode, leaving him struggling for his life. Amelia fell upset when she learned that her father had hit Lloyd through Cain.

Lloyd was innocent and had merely been telling her about his life, Amelia assured her father. She went on to say that she believed Lloyd was only lonely.

Fans of Emmerdale have long been unhappy with Lloyd’s infatuation to Amelia. They all referred to Lloyd as a pervert.

Some supporters of Dan even defended him, saying it was right for him to strike the pervert in the face. “Surely punching pedos gets you medals #emmerdale,” tweeted @Jamesrooney19.”

“A man who grooms young women will get their comeuppance one way or another…#Emmerdale,” remarked @pam_debeauvoir.”

But Amelia’s initial responses were what convinced viewers that Dan would be assassinated by his own daughter. Fans predicted Amelia would support Lloyd on Twitter.

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Others, however, believe the exact opposite, that Amelia will force Lloyd to drop the accusations (despite the fact that this is not how the legal system in this country operates…) and Dan would thereafter go free.

Amelia will likely testify against Dan in court, claiming that the pervert was innocent, according to @MeeshyJay. Innocent, in Amelia’s opinion, was the middle-aged pervert who wanted to be her friend in #Emmerdale.

“Amelia sticking up for a perv!” wrote @SG902110. #Emmerdale”

“What life Amelia…a life of stalking young girls,” @pam_debeauvoir replied. I’m afraid I have no empathy for #Emmerdale.

Reply from @Rozzy67: “#Emmerdale Amelia feels bad for the scumbag! He was stalking you, Amelia, he’s a wrongun! #TeamDan”

However, other supporters believe Amelia will support her father by accusing Dan of stalking and having the accusations against him withdrawn.

He won’t pass away, according to @Fordy1952.Dan will face assault charges.Amelia will request that “Stalker” drop the allegations.Dan exits. You’re welcome, “Emmerdale””

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