Missing Emmerdale star confirms return after disappearance

Emile John has reprised his role as Ethan and will return to screens in the coming weeks (Picture: ITV)

Emile John from Emmerdale has announced that he will be making a comeback on the program.

On social media, the actor, who plays the ITV soap opera character Ethan Anderson, posted a photo of himself on set with his Manpreet Sharma, Charles, and Claudette co-stars Kevin Mathurin, Rebecca Sarker, and Flo Wilson.

The image in question was taken on the interior set of Woodbine Cottage, which the Andersons relocated into after the passing of Harriet Finch, and he commented, “Annnnd we’re back,” alongside it.

Ethan has been missing for a while; he was last seen in early April reprimanding sister Naomi for how she treated Charles in the wake of lover Alex’s potentially fatal hit-and-run.

Since then, the Anderson family has been at the center of many significant plotlines, including the introduction of Claudette and Victor’s return from prison, both of which have sparked plenty of strife within the family.

However, Ethan has been conspicuously missing from them. The show explains that this is because he has been working away from the titular village on business.

Emile John issued fans with an update as he confirmed his return to Emmerdale (Picture: Instagram / Emile John)

As opposed to Naomi, who has been prominently portrayed in the aforementioned stories, Karene Peter’s departure from the soap opera will be shown in upcoming scenes.

However, if you’ve been missing Ethan, you won’t have to wait too long to see him again because Emile John’s latest Instagram story confirms that the lawyer will make a comeback in a few weeks.
But what sort of turmoil will be waiting for Ethan when he returns?

We’re talking about Emmerdale, so the choices are virtually limitless.

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