Emmerdale spoilers: Cruel Aaron humiliates smitten Ethan in vile plot

Charles isn’t pleased with how the exchange is going (Picture: ITV)

Danny Miller’s character, Aaron Dingle, acts badly in Emmerdale after embarrassing himself in front of Ethan Anderson (Emile John), who shows interest in him.

A few months earlier, Aaron came back to the town with the help of Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Caleb (William Ash). In essence, due of the problems Aaron was having abroad, they grabbed him from Italy and sent him home.

It was clearly evident that Aaron was having difficulties in the wake of Liv’s passing.

During the severe storm that hit the Dales in October 2022, Liv passed away. Aaron, nevertheless, has never stopped pointing out that Liv may still be alive since there would not have been a reason for Liv to be outdoors in the unusual weather if Chas (Lucy Pargeter) had never had her affair with Al Chapman.

Next, Chas is found by Charles (Kevin Mathurin), who encourages her to talk about how lonely she feels and how Aaron’s actions are affecting her.

Aaron is still a troublemaker. (Image: ITV)

Charles becomes enraged after seeing a fight between Aaron and Chas. The vicar approaches Aaron and tells him to be respectful to his mother. But when Aaron prods him, a fight breaks out.

Charles then comes back to apologize to Chas for his outburst. Accepting the apologies, Chas is glad she has a friend in him.

In another scene, Aaron lures Ethan inside Mill Cottage in an attempt to enter with Charles’ son.

Then, directly in front of Charles, Aaron is corrected when he violates a boundary and humiliates a captivated Ethan.

Chas confronts Aaron about his behavior, standing up for Ethan and her new acquaintance, and her answer takes Aaron by surprise.

With Christmas only a few days away, where does this development leave Aaron?

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