Emmerdale star Olivia Bromley teases ‘big drama’ ahead for Dawn and Billy after Christmas baby arrival

The newborn baby bubble may not last after Dawn gives birth to her first child with Billy

Billy Fletcher and Dawn in Emmerdale (Photo: ITV)

Olivia Bromley, a star of Emmerdale, said that Dawn and Billy Fletcher would have “big drama” in the new year, after the birth of their Christmas child. According to fresh teasers for the week leading up to Christmas, Dawn will give birth with an unexpected supporter at her side.

Dawn’s father Will Taylor is taken aback, unbeknownst to her, when his spouse Kim Tate admits that Dawn was involved in Craig Reed’s killing back in October. Will feels completely deceived as Kim gives her version of events. Kim begs Will to keep her revelation a secret, leaving him with a choice.

When Will discovers an inebriated Kim leaning over Dawn’s birthing pool the next day, he is astounded. Will is concerned about the situation Kim has put herself in as she dashes out to throw up. Aaron Dingle is the only one there to help Dawn during her contractions, while everything else at the Christmas market is going on.

As previously disclosed by Olivia, Dawn returns to Home Farm for her anticipated water delivery, and she and Billy welcome a baby boy, Evan, named after Billy’s father, to join their other two children, Lucas and Clemmie.

Though everything seems to be going well with the delivery, Dawn and her husband appear to be in danger. In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Olviai hinted to future developments: “There’s some big things coming up definitely, but I’m in the dark as much as you guys because we’ve had some big changes!”

She continued: “All I know is that there’s going to be a big drama for Billy and Dawn in the Spring time but I honestly don’t know anything.” Olivia also disclosed her preference for Dawn to be grounded in her family life with Billy or to have the character entangled in drama.

Welcome to Billy and Dawn’s first child together (Image: ITV)

“It’s interesting because being an actor and being a character are two different things,” she said. Being a rough and ready Dawn comes easy to me as an actress, so I adore portraying her when she’s furious and cranky. However, it’s crucial to observe some steadiness for the character and the current mood.

“In part because I often get letters from individuals saying that it’s encouraging to see someone who has overcome addiction and had a successful path. I had a long conversation with a woman I met on the street in Manchester about her journey, and she simply commented that it was wonderful to witness stability and happiness following someone who had overcome their addiction. Thus, I believe it’s crucial that these characters have a time of pleasure and happiness.”

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