Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona’s jaw drops as Mary hits her with a big bombshell

Rhona’s desperate for news (Picture: ITV)

As Mary (Louise Jameson) divulges a startling truth, it seems Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) isn’t the only one dealing with the feelings around Ivy’s birth in Emmerdale.

We are aware that Rhona is baby Ivy’s biological mother, but this was only made possible by the theft of her stored embryos by her ex-partner Gus (Alan McKenna), in order to enable his wife Lucy to conceive.

Lucy passed quite soon after Ivy was born, which put Rhona in a difficult situation where she wanted to see her daughter but was often confronted with ethical and legal issues related to the relationship.

Next, Mary makes the decision to assist Gus with Ivy, but she is worried when a call from the funeral directors emphasizes even more how difficult it is for him to handle things.

Rhona discovers Mary sneaking out of the house to see Gus and Ivy when she gets back home.

Rhona confronts her, eager for her mother to provide any updates on the little child.

Mary tells Rhona how little Gus is suffering and goes back to his home, thinking it’s for the best.

Following Lucy’s passing, Gus has struggled. (Image: ITV)

Mary discovers that Gus is at his very breaking point when she arrives, however.

Later, when Mary comes home with Gus and Ivy in tow, Rhona’s mouth drops.

After a restless night, Ivy’s weeping makes breakfast challenging the next morning.

While Rhona makes an effort to maintain harmony, it’s obvious that Marlon (Mark Charnock) is impatient with the new residents of the home.

But since that Rhona is aware that Gus is struggling, what will she do next?

Is she able to make Gus and Marlon happy?

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