Who killed Lauren exposed! Every huge spoiler from game-changing Coronation Street week

Lauren’s killer will finally be exposed (Picture: ITV)

On Monday, May 27, Coronation Street will air a special week of episodes in which Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) will finally tell the truth about what really happened to her.

There were bloodstains, an uneaten lunch and indications of a scuffle when Lauren vanished from her precinct apartment. Following her death, Roy Cropper, the adored café proprietor (David Neilson), was taken into custody. To someone who doesn’t know Roy, his actions surely appeared suspect, given that he was the last person to see her and that he had acknowledged to cleaning the apartment thereafter.

The return of Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper) to Weatherfield more recently has raised the possibility of another suspect. The individual accountable for the sexual abuse and harassment of Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) in 2017 has the capacity to be the reason for Lauren’s abduction.

Before the ultimate exposure of the truth, there will be more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at throughout an exciting week, and we have all the information.

Sarah Platt takes drastic action to get rid of Nathan

Sarah gets desperate (Picture: ITV)

Naturally frightened by Nathan Curtis’ return to Weatherfield, Bethany Platt informs Sarah (Tina O’Brien) that she is unable to remain in the region while Nathan is there. He states unequivocally that he has no intention of leaving, even though Sarah has previously attempted to bribe him £10,000 to go.

Sarah devises a scheme when she reaches her breaking point. There are enough tangled hairs in the hair bobble Lauren left at the Platts’ place for the authorities to get DNA from it should it be located. She makes the decision to carry this to the construction site and put it in Nathan’s vehicle.

After catching her, policeman Kit Green (Jacob Roberts) begs her to stop interfering with the police’s work.

Nathan is arrested

Nathan faces a tense interview (Picture: ITV)

Nathan’s arrest is soon becoming well known in the streets. Nathan’s arrest for violating his sexual harm prevention order is triggered when Kit discovers enough USB sticks in his vehicle.

When the vehicle is examined more closely, one of Lauren’s hairs is seen. Sarah must have dropped it, Kit says, but he swears he won’t mention her.

Nathan is shocked to learn at the police station that the girl who had earlier given Nathan an alibi for the evening Lauren vanished has now changed her mind. Nathan responds to DS Swain’s (Vicky Myers) queries about his disgusting interest in young females by saying, “No comment.”

Joel is acting as Nathan’s solicitor

Dee-Dee gets terrible news about Joel (Picture: ITV)

The relationship between lawyer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) and the villainous Nathan Curtis has been the subject of much conjecture, with some fans even suggesting that the two may be brothers.

Joel’s suspected involvement in Lauren’s abduction has also come under scrutiny due to several coincidences, such as the fact that he sent Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) flowers that were identical to those that Lauren’s mysterious “boyfriend” had given her before to her departure.

Is Joel merely being a good lawyer when he offers to defend Nathan and watches the police interviews? Or is he hiding some dark side to his involvement in the case? There’s little doubt about it: Dee-Dee is not pleased to learn.

Joel is informed by Nathan that he believes Sarah may have hidden Lauren’s hair in his truck. If Joel has formed an alliance with his client, may this put her in danger?

Joel seemed to be running from an abandoned building in some recent photos. may Joel have placed Lauren’s corpse there on his own, or may Nathan actually be the reason for her disappearance and have told his solicitor where it is?

Roy is in deadly danger

Griff searches for his revenge (Picture: ITV)

Former friend of Lauren Bolton’s father, far-right thug Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron), is certain Roy killed Lauren and is seeking retribution. Sadly, he is also incarcerated at Weatherfield, and he quickly sets his sights on Roy.

Roy is horrified to see Griff again after returning from the prison library. Griff was the one who had previously terrorised Coronation Street by manipulating and grooming Max Turner (Paddy Bever) and carrying out racial assaults on locals.

Griff demands Roy to tell him what he did with Lauren’s corpse as he takes out a knife. Of course, Roy can’t tell him anything like that, but his denial of guilt over the crime just makes Griff madder. As he puts the knife to Roy’s neck, he commands him to utter his last words.

Is Roy lost for good?

Bobby and Carla are in deep trouble

Their futures are put in jeopardy (Picture: ITV)

Prior to this, Bobby Crawford (Jack Carroll) had misled the police in an attempt to free Roy from jail. In the hopes that the police would concentrate on tracking down this individual and release Roy, he informed them of his memory of witnessing an intruder at Lauren’s apartment who was dressed in a black cloak and balaclava.

When Carla learned what he had done, she was incensed, but she had little option but to comply, which caused her to lose faith in the dependable Roy.

DS Carla brushes off Lisa Swain’s question about why she and Roy broke up, but Swain is still suspicious and decides to visit the jail to see if Roy would open up.

After considering his words, she detains Bobby on charges of tampering with the legal system. She informs Carla that Roy has not benefited from the deception, and that she might face consequences for endorsing Bobby’s account.

When Dee-Dee discovers that she has been basing Roy’s whole defence on a falsehood, she confirms this. Roy seemed to have no chance at all.

Bethany discovers fresh data

Rob Mallard’s character Daniel and Bethany implore Nicky Wheatley (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) to connect them with Ellie, a girl who was raised as a surrogate and may know anything about Lauren.

Ellie accepts the meeting and tells Bethany about a client who became more of a boyfriend and lavished her with presents. Then he became hostile and threatened to murder her. This sounds a lot like Lauren’s and Bethany’s experiences. She shows Ellie a photo of Nathan. Will she attest that this is the same man?

Additional photos have surfaced that include Lucy Fallon and Channique Sterling-Brown, who play Bethany and Dee-Dee, posing together while shooting on site during a downpour. Is there a chance they are pursuing a lead related to Lauren’s case?

The necklace belonging to Lauren has been located.

Isabella Flanagan’s character Hope Stape presents her sister Ruby (Billie Naylor) a necklace she discovered. Ruby makes the point that it is not Hope’s, but is it Lauren’s?

Is this the crucial hint we’ve been missing?

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