Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby’s fury erupts as Nicky returns to Home Farm

Gabby essentially follows Kim’s lead. (Images from ITV)

In the most recent episode of Emmerdale, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) warned her former fictitious husband Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope).

“You are a pitiful low-life in my eyes,” I said. She advised him, “And you’d better stay as far away from me as you can.” This is only a caution. When I demonstrate to you how uncivilised I can be, it is a threat.

Gabby’s response was expected given that Nicky had recently exposed his sexual orientation on the morning of her wedding, telling her that he had never loved her and had only pretended to do so as part of a complex plot devised by his dad Caleb (William Ash) to exact revenge on Kim Tate (Claire King).

Even though Nicky is now residing with Caleb at Mill Cottage, Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) was quick to point out that Nicky is not welcome in David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) shop and is not likely to get the warmest of welcomes in the majority of the village’s other public locations.

Regarding private areas, Home Farm, where Gabby resides together with Kim Tate and Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), is the last spot you would anticipate him to show up right now. He would have to be really bold or extremely foolish to show up there, right?

Both Caleb and Nicky have been working to start over in their lives (ITV image).

He will be showing up at Home Farm in upcoming episodes, but he hasn’t seen Gabby or even Kim.

Prior to assuming the identity of the future Mr. Gabby, Nicky pretended to be a nanny to three children: Clemmie (Mabel Addison), Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall), and Gabby’s son Thomas (Bertie Brotherton). It turns out that even though he detested the work he was required to perform at Home Farm, he might not have loathed pretending to be a nanny as much as he thought.

It’s Clemmie’s birthday, which is why Nicky ventures to Home Farm: he wants to bring her a card. Awww. He still recalled the little girl’s birthday despite all the chaos of throwing his father off a ridge and other things.

Is this act of love and kindness impacting Gabby?

Simply put, no. She hurls him out the door again and again, indignant that he had dared to disregard her instructions and enter her house. Nicky is left in no doubt that Gabby intends to make his life in the community terrible when she later confronts him in front of everyone in the Woolpack.

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