Liam Fox slams fan favourite Emmerdale character as ‘waste of space’

At least he is truthful! (Image from ITV)

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), a key new character in Emmerdale, has begun to pursue a career as a social media influencer. A darker side of social media has emerged as she’s piled up the “likes,” began to build a following, and started to earn some money.

Amelia essentially has a stalker. She thought she was speaking to a lady online, but it turned out to be a male named Lloyd (Matt Sutton), and it didn’t take long for him to start sending her unwelcome messages and acting in general in a terrible way.

Dan’s sentiments about what Amelia is doing vary, according to Liam Fox, who plays Dan, who is Amelia’s father.

Initially, “he was proud of her because some kids would be sitting there doing nothing,” he added. She is actively seeking to establish herself and get financial stability. Dan first needed some persuading, but after seeing what she was doing, he was pretty impressed, so he said, “Get on with it,”

However, it turned out that his suspicions were correct.

Dan calls the cops as soon as he learns what Lloyd is up to. PC Mike Swirling (Andy Moore), who is always on hand to give bad news, break up conflicts, or get individuals out of prison in time for their wedding, is the police in Emmerdale for everyday offences.

Despite having such a wide variety of talents, Liam verified that Dan was unimpressed with the police officer and did not believe the officer’s response to his complaint to be at all helpful.

The beloved figure was described by him as a “waste of space.” “Swirling is a total waste of room.” refuses to take action. He’s more focused on keeping Dan from doing something improper.

Dan is unhappy that Swirling won’t prosecute Lloyd because he hasn’t actually committed a crime, but Liam acknowledged that Swirling does have Dan’s best interests in mind.

Dan has been around the village since Adam was a young boy, so he is familiar with him. Dan is attempting to prevent a friend from doing something he might do, but he can’t see it. Dan is unable to recognise it; instead, he believes that the cops are disregarding the situation entirely.

Dan should listen to Swirling’s advice to avoid taking matters into his own hands, but sadly Dan doesn’t, and Lloyd is able to turn the tables on him.

Liam said, “Lloyd immediately talked to the police about Dan after Dan made a call and left a bit of a threat on the voicemail.

When Dan sees Lloyd and Amelia leaving the church together, he disregards all the village bobby’s wise counsel and falls Lloyd with a powerful punch that leaves him critically injured.

He basically flips out when he sees Lloyd and Amelia leaving the chapel and approaches them. The fun starts there,’ Liam informed us.

“That’s Dan’s problem,” I said. He’s always been devoted to his family, so when they are harmed, he switches from being a kind man to having to cope with it.

“It doesn’t look good.” He may face a GBH accusation.

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