Emmerdale spoilers: Intriguing mystery as Cain takes Caleb on a secret road trip

So what’s happening here? (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Caleb (William Ash) have declared a ceasefire, pigs have flown, and hell has frozen over.

Cain and Caleb had reconciled after Caleb’s beating after the gun crime and Cain’s revelation of the falsehoods about the auto company.

In addition to agreeing to collaborate on the vehicle company, the two have started making cautious moves in the direction of brotherhood. Since Caleb is now permitted to sip from the hallowed well, he may now be considered a member of the Dingle family. As a result, Cain must now embrace him as a member of the pack.

Who would have thought that the brothers, who became close during the Dingle ceremony, would be planning a small boys’ trip together?

Amidst some lighthearted conversation over a pint at the Woollie, Cain gets an enigmatic text and promptly inquires if Caleb would want to spend some time away from town. After secretly taking a call that he does not discuss with his brother, Cain and his brother prepare to go on their road trip.

The brothers are almost in agreement. (Image: ITV)

In order to convince Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) to stop the nosy ladies from bothering them, Cain begs Caleb to assist in creating an explanation.

Then, like a classic Thelma and Louise, Cain and Caleb decide to stay together as they set off on the road. How times have changed, eh? What is their destination? And to what will they go back?

It seems to be a struggle, as a seething Moira begs Cain not to go, but she watches him go. He’s going to be in a world of agony, so the road trip better be worth it.

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