Emmerdale spoilers: Jai’s secret dad Amit has staggering secret

Amit makes his arrival (Picture: ITV)

Just prior to his untimely passing on Emmerdale, Rishi (Bhasker Patel) shocked Jai (Chris Bisson) by telling him that his Uncle Amit was actually his biological father. Jai was born as a consequence of a hookup between his mother and Amit, but Rishi took the initiative to nurture Jai as his own child.

While Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana), Jai’s cousin, learned that Jai was adopted about the same period, he was unaware that Jai was the son of his own father. Before now.

Suni was shocked when Jai eventually told him the truth, and he has since been struggling to comprehend the abrupt addition of a new sibling. But much to their astonishment, Amit suddenly appeared in the community not long after that.

When he comes, the two guys are still in shock at this shocking family knowledge, but he has another equally shocking secret to impart.

Instead of returning home, Suni has been choosing to stay in the community and establish a profession as a chef at the Hide.

How will this impact Suni and Nicky? (Picture: ITV)

Amit has not taken this well, but he is happy to see his son and is overjoyed when Suni says he wants him to remain in the nation. However, Suni is not amused when his father wastes this chance and tries to emotionally blackmail him.

Suni confides hesitantly when Nicky (Lewis Cope) asks what’s wrong after sensing something is up with his sweetheart. The disclosure of Amit’s most recent secret stuns Nicky. Nicky and Suni can’t handle it; it’s too much.

Amit makes Jai uneasy, especially when he starts telling old tales, and things become much more awkward when Amit attempts to act like a loving father to them both. He acts in an odd manner, to put it mildly. Why is he doing that?

‘The secret, to me, offers an insight into Amit, which, when you first meet him, you wouldn’t assume is this guy,’ the show’s new Amit, actor Anil Goutam, told Metro.co.uk.

There is a darker side, and it’s always fun for actors to delve into a shadowy area. But if it were just written that way, I doubt it would be very entertaining since it would just be a caricature. It’s not written that way; rather, a multifaceted individual is depicted.

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