Emmerdale spoilers: Vile rapist Craig released by police as Sam plans revenge

Sam tries to process recent events (Picture: ITV)

Although Lydia (Karen Blick) of Emmerdale bravely told her family that she had been raped by Craig (Ben Addis), the ordeal is far from over despite the fact that she now has their support.

Lydia has been hiding a terrible secret—that nasty Craig sexually assaulted her—for weeks. She left herself in a bad situation by keeping this tragic information secret from her family and from Kim (Claire King), allowing them to assume she was having an affair due to her odd behavior.

Having abandoned her home out of loneliness and fear, Lydia was finally prepared to tell the truth about her terrifying experience when she ultimately went back.

Even though Sam (James Hooton) now knows what his wife has gone through, things are still far from returning to normal. Sam wants them to progress, but when Lydia declines his invitation to spend the day with her, he is devastated and confused of what to do.

Lydia uses cleaning as a coping method, spending a lot of time making sure everything is spotless while her husband is completely at a loss on how to assist. Even trying to touch her makes him nervous.

Sam tries to support Lydia (Picture: ITV)

She feels what’s coming, but he doesn’t notice that she’s nervous. She hears the horror she dread when she learns Craig is being freed pending further inquiry, which is why she is scared when an officer arrives to tell her. For Lydia, who is already completely broken, this is a devastating blow.

But because Craig Dingle is a member of the Dingle family, his horrific deed will not go unpunished. Sam utilizes Cain’s (Jeff Hordley) assistance and ear to complain about the necessity to make Craig pay.

What plans does he have for the despicable rapist?

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