Emmerdale spoilers: Killer Kim issues a dark threat to Gabby after her betrayal is exposed

I placed Gabby in her proper place. (Image: ITV)

At the start of Emmerdale’s visit on Monday, September 4, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) was adamant. She specified that Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) should be the one to punish Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) for what he had done to her.

A long time ago, when Gabby was quite inebriated, she attempted to kiss Billy. She made no attempt to approach Billy, who is gorgeous and very loyal to Dawn (Olivia Bromley). He recognised that Gabby would have put a stop to the entire affair with no damage done since she was inebriated and unhappy.

Gabby was attempting to deal with Nicky dumping her the morning of her wedding by coming out as lesbian, which is why she had been so inebriated in the first place.

feigned love for her in order to aid his father Caleb (William Ash) in exacting vengeance on Kim Tate (Claire King).

It was a double blow to be turned down by Billy as well, but Gabby also saw a chance. Billy had done time in jail for beating up a guy, so he has a bit of a hard man history. Billy is the ideal person to ruin Nicky’s attractive features.

Nowadays, Billy is a very kind guy who has said unequivocally that he won’t do anything of the like. Gabby then made the decision to blackmail him, threatening to reveal their kiss to Dawn. Although Billy clarified that nothing had occurred, Gabby believed Dawn might be a little sceptical as to why he hadn’t spoken to her sooner.

Gabby saw she was being foolish after hearing a brief motivational speech from Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant), and she quickly returned to Home Farm to inform Billy that she had changed her mind and didn’t want him to hit Nicky after all.

Still, it was too late. Nicky’s face and limbs are still intact, therefore it’s not too late. But it was too late for Gabby; Dawn had already been informed of all that had transpired and what Gabby had asked him to do.

Dawn was enraged. She asked Gabby to avoid her and her family, which is difficult since they all reside in the same home.

There was an air between Gabby and Dawn that Kim Tate, who also lived in the home, soon noticed. Dawn promptly informed her of the events, and Gabby made an effort to justify her actions by stating that she was tired of being mistreated by others.

Earlier, Gabby attempted to plant a kiss on Billy (Image: ITV).

Kim invited Dawn to have a private conversation with Gabby, and Dawn immediately expressed how she felt. She said that Gabby had to quit acting like the helpless victim.

She reminded her, “Fire forges steel.” Kim is really steely because she has experienced a lot of fire in her life, so she knows what she’s talking about.

Gabby was feeling quite sorry for herself. Dawn and Billy despise Nicky, who was barely getting away with it and feels like a prop. She was going to be let down if she had expected Kim to show her any compassion.

You have intimidated and harassed others, then pretended to be shocked that you don’t have any friends. What was your prediction for the outcome of this? Kim was curious.

She told Gabby to stay away from Dawn and Billy for the time being.

“Or you’ll have to deal with me, who’s far worse.”

Fear not, Gabby. Have a great fear.

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