Emmerdale spoilers: Mack baby loss fears, Craig sparks tension and Jai heartache

Fans of Emmerdale can anticipate plenty of drama this week as Mackenzie Boyd re-enters Charity Dingle’s arms and Craig Reed causes strife in the Dingle family.

This week, Emmerdale viewers can anticipate hot action, christening drama, and maybe even a Dingle ding-dong.

As they get ready for baby Reuben’s baptism, Mackenzie Boyd and Chloe Harris’ emotions are running high.

Mack accepts Charity Dingle’s offer to host the event at the Woolpack, and they end up having a sexual encounter.
Sam and Lydia Dingle talk about Craig Reed’s recent arrival, and Lydia declares that she has chosen to accept his employment offer.

Craig also says Samson may work with him to gain some experience. Sam feels unimportant while the adolescent is ecstatic.

The christening gets underway

Chloe and Mack are relaxing into their new relationship as they prepare for Reuben’s christening


Moira is consumed with emotion when Mackenzie asks her to be Reuben’s godmother. While Chloe is thrilled when Amy and Matty agree to be godparents too

Plans fall through

As the couple eagerly await for Thursday, the venue unfortunately falls through. Chloe initially laughs off Charity’s genuine offer to host it in the Woolpack.

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