Emmerdale spoilers: Mary found sobbing after devastating heartbreak

Paddy discovers what Mary has been hiding (Picture: ITV)

Mary (Louise Jameson) is a woman of honor and integrity, but Faye’s (Jane Gurnett) cruel prank of showing her private photo to the entire town has taken both of those qualities away from her in Emmerdale.

Faye’s reign of terror is gone, but even after being made to accept responsibility for her actions, she still maintains control over Mary, who has been traumatized. Mary has changed considerably. She wants to remain concealed behind closed doors because she is scared and nervous.

However, it is not an option when you have a daughter like Rhona (Zoe Henry). Mary had eagerly announced to her family that she was back on the dating market and sticking two fingers up to con artist Faye. She felt under pressure to pretend as though things was normal and had a granddaughter for whom she needed to set an example.

But since everything was a falsehood and is now a masquerade she must maintain, this has only served to exacerbate the former journalist’s worry.

In actuality, she is paralyzed by the idea of ever again being exposed. She keeps telling the lie, but when it gets too much, she breaks down.

Mary recently came across Faye again (Picture: ITV)

According to actress Louise Jameson, “It has completely shaken her confidence.” Being exposed is really powerful because it carries a risk. Mary took the chance, but it didn’t work out.

Paddy (Dominic Brunt) discovers her weeping in a field and offers to be her shoulder as she sobs. He is now running behind schedule to visit Marlon, which strains their already tenuous bond.

When Rhona discovers Mary’s terrible deception, she snaps out of supporting everyone around her and makes Mary face her fear. Will it, however, have the desired outcome?

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