Emmerdale spoilers: Naomi in danger ahead of her exit storyline?

She’s about to go. (Image from ITV)

Karene Peters’ impending departure from her Emmerdale role as Naomi Walters was first announced in April.

Karene made her television debut in July 2022 as a key character in a major plot that saw Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) assaulted by a group of females in a parking lot.

It was later discovered that Naomi had seen what had happened but had not stepped in.

At the trial, Naomi was determined to be innocent while the rest of the gang was found to be guilty.

A source said: Karene liked her time on the soap, but it’s time for her to leave, according to The Sun. Being on Emmerdale was a dream come true, but she became an actor because she wanted to portray diverse characters.

Currently, it is unknown how Naomi would leave the community, but in forthcoming episodes, she will encounter Victor, the father of Charles (Kevin Mathurin), who was just recently freed from jail.

Victor charms Naomi while she is preoccupied getting to know Claudette (Flo Wilson), which enrages Charles, who hands his father both barrels and orders him to go.

Charles is not happy to see his dad (Picture: ITV)

Charles is forced to share more about his past when Naomi, a disgruntled but inquisitive person, asks him why he despises his father so much. But what happened?

When they finish talking, Naomi says she’ll avoid Victor, but will she?

What will Naomi’s future hold if he continues to be a dangerous man?

And what will happen to Charles if Victor has an effect on Naomi’s departure?

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