Emmerdale spoilers: Paddy makes poignant vow to panicking Marlon

Paddy realised his mistakes (Picture: ITV)

In the Emmerdale episode airing on Friday, August 18, Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) reconciled after earlier arguing.

This week, the closest friends haven’t been on the same page since Marlon was hurt by Paddy’s remarks about his driving.

In the ITV soap opera on Thursday, August 17, Marlon made the decision to finally take the leap and step behind the wheel of a specially modified vehicle.

The well-liked figure, who hasn’t driven since having a stroke, was naturally concerned about the possibility of having that burden placed upon him once more.

Rhona (Zoe Henry) was Marlon’s companion on his first car ride. Although she was encouraging, Marlon was finding the adjustments difficult on the inside. It isn’t as easy as getting on a bike after not riding one for a long because the automobile isn’t made like a bike to help with Marlon’s ongoing mobility challenges.

Paddy, to some part, was there to support Marlon along with Rhona and Mary (Louise Jameson), but he addressed the situation with humor. He even feigned to get hit by Marlon when he drew up to the drive.

Marlon was daunted by the prospect of driving again (Picture: ITV)

In tonight’s episode, Marlon sat down with Paddy and discussed his concerns about driving and the fact that he’s frightened of having another stroke while operating a vehicle.

Paddy cleared the air by saying sorry and informing Marlon that he would be there tonight for a drive and that if he didn’t want to go, they could do it the next day, the day after that, and the day after that.

Paddy’s statement to Marlon that he was there for him while he was struggling with his mental health issues and that now it’s his turn to be there for him was heartwarming.

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