Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona Goskirk’s huge decision on her future after she gets a stunning offer

Due to her kidnapping scheme and subsequent arrest, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) finds herself in a difficult legal situation in Emmerdale with no clear way out.

Everyone in her family is scared because Gus (Alan McKenna) wants to see the book hurled at her and since the court case is coming up. There are severe repercussions for her choice to forsake her children in favour of a kid who is not legally hers.

Actress Zoe Henry notes that Rhona’s refusal to accept the truth about her actions and her inability to identify as a criminal stem from her belief that she has done nothing wrong.

“It was extreme to run off with the baby. I get that, and I think Rhona gets that, but at its core, this is wrong because she’s my flesh and blood,” Zoe said to Metro.co.uk.

Will the choice be the correct one? (Image: ITV)

Rhona chooses to enter a not guilty plea, which worries Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Mary (Louise Jameson) since they think a heavier punishment may result from this.

April is experiencing difficulties as well, and Amelia (Daisy Campbell) notices that she is acting suspiciously, which leads her to surreptitiously approach Gus. When he discovers the adolescent at his door pleading with him to inform the authorities that Rhona is innocent, he is shocked. Despite her best efforts, she makes a mistake and discloses her stepmother’s intention to enter a not guilty plea. Even though Gus is enraged by this, April’s actions cause him to reflect.

“I think it gets him thinking a lot about how what he’s doing now could impact his relationship with his daughter later on,” actor Alan McKenna said. In this case, April’s actions might be crucial.

But enraged, he sends April back with the intention of confronting Rhona.

Marlon and Rhona’s relationship is in a difficult place (Picture: ITV)

Gus jumps in to stop Rhona after she makes the poor decision to go meet Ivy during the tense exchange. Gus collapses to the ground in a heap as Marlon launches his own defensive move. April’s scheme has seriously backfired.

Now that Marlon has apologised, Gus is furious and slapped him across the face.

But after some thought, Gus approaches Rhona with a proposal. He offers a solution since he is dealing with his own legal problems related to the theft of the embryo that led to this unfortunate situation. He’ll give Rhona what she wants, which is access to Ivy, if they both retract their claims, which would imply Rhona enters a guilty plea.

Alan disclosed: “He ultimately provides everything they had previously requested, which was his presence and joint custody.” He then declares, “I’ll cancel the sale and take the house of market.” “I’ll stay here and we can work things out.” He continued by saying that Rhona is being pressured to alter her plea.

He thinks Rhona will accept the offer and maybe change her mind and enter a not guilty plea. Indeed, it seems to me that he is experiencing a sense of “I’m risking everything for you.”

Though it seems too wonderful to be true, Rhona gives the idea some serious thought. However, entering a guilty plea has drawbacks of its own. What will Rhona decide, and is Gus someone you can trust? Rhona has a gut sense that something is wrong, but Zoe told us she’s too desperate to care.

“She’s willing to hang everything on it, even though maybe deep down she doesn’t really think Gus is being honest,” the woman said.

Not to mention a bit sceptical, is Marlon. “Marlon doesn’t buy it at all; his only response to it is complete distrust,” Mark said. Is Gus using Rhona as a prop to get rid of her?

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