Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Nate gets revenge on Caleb

Emmerdale's Nate, Caleb, the background of the Dales

Nate, Aaron and Cain team up

Tonight (Wednesday, March6), Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Nate, Cain, and Aaron conspire to steal a car in order to get one over Caleb.

When Caleb finds out that Nate has not only stolen his automobiles but also smashed them, he feels ashamed.

But given that Nate witnesses Caleb’s suffering in Emmerdale spoilers, is this the end of his business?

Nate goes to extreme lengths to see Caleb suffer (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Nate steals Caleb cars

Cain and Aaron put their past grudges aside to assist Nate in his scheme to take Caleb’s vehicles from the company.

Unaware that his automobiles have been stolen, Caleb discovers this when Nate reveals his scheme to further destroy the company.

His day takes a turn for the worse as Ruby expresses her annoyance at his relationship with Tracy.

Ruby wants her husband to drag Tracy down in order to show her how devoted he is to her. But instead, he simply takes his phone and turns to leave.

Soon after, Nate confronts Caleb face-to-face and gives him the badge for his car before letting him know that everything has been destroyed.

When Caleb learns that Aaron and Cain assisted Nate with his scheme, he becomes furious. Can Caleb, though, solve any of his issues?

Charity reaches out to Mack (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Charity makes a step forward

Mack is overjoyed to learn this evening that Charity won’t be charged by the police in connection with the stabbing. Mack is going to give Charity a big embrace, but he’s disappointed when she pulls away. She remains extremely delicate.

Later, Charity takes a giant step forward and picks up her phone to text Mack. She offers him the opportunity to bring the kids over to visit her the next day.

Will seeing their mother make the kids happy? Will everything proceed without a hitch? Charity, are you ready for this?

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