James Hooton reveals ‘innovative’ episodes not done by Emmerdale before

Sam has had an emotional few weeks (Picture: ITV)

In forthcoming episodes of Emmerdale, the focus will shift to the Dingle family as Lydia (Karen Blick) attempts to determine which member of the clan killed rapist Craig (Ben Addis).

A Dingle Court is scheduled for a special week in the Woolpack, during which Lydia will hear from her loved ones about their whereabouts before to Craig’s murder.

Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Sam (James Hooton) are first in line.

It should come as no surprise that during certain flashback sequences, they find themselves in an abandoned barn with Craig bound, given their conversation a few weeks before about using the “Dingle Law” to make Craig pay.

But could one of them really kill someone?

Family members in attendance include Mandy (Lisa Riley), Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper), and Caleb (William Ash). Not only do they all have stories to tell about their exploits, but they also don’t always convey the whole truth.

James Hooton informed us that the flashback scenes in these next installments would provide fresh stories for a few well-known characters.

Lydia wants answers (Picture: ITV)

We have never done this in Emmerdale before. Although I’m not aware of how each of these storylines develops or whether they all go beyond the recounting of Craig’s death tale, I believe it’s a really creative method to captivate an audience for what is undoubtedly a terrifying plot, the man stated.

“I think the flashbacks are what makes this different, but it’s amazing how it’s filmed and Gary Williams was amazing with all of us, getting us through quite a massive block of episodes mainly centred around the Dingles in the Woolpack environment.”

“Throughout these episodes, the focus is on different people, and the central idea is that everyone in the room—the 12 Dingles—is hiding something. This could or might not lead Lydia to find out who killed Craig.”

Lydia discussed her attack with Sam, Belle, and Mandy over a dinner during Super Soap Week. James thought back on this instance and clarified why Sam’s original response was what it was.

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