Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley makes soap return after five years

He’s back on our screens! (Picture: BBC)

Former Emmerdale actor Ryan Hawley has joined the cast of Casualty.

From 2014 until 2019, Ryan’s most well-known role was that of Robert Sugden in the ITV serial opera.

Robert’s tale with his romantic interest They became one of the most adored couples in soap history when Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller), better known to viewers as Robron, won over a horde of followers.

But back in 2019, when Ryan decided to quit the programme, their love story ended tragically, and the spouses were left devastated.

In his last moments, Robert was imprisoned after being taken into custody by the police and confessing to attacking Lee Posner, who had sexually assaulted his sister Victoria Barton.

Next up is the boxset called Storm Damage. (Image: BBC)

Ryan left Emmerdale to make an appearance in Silent Witness, where he played Michael Robson in two episodes and had a beard and long hair.

Ryan will be back on television this coming Saturday in the first episode of Casualty’s newest boxset, Storm Damage.

Ryan is going to portray Jamie Cleveland, who is a board member at Holby City Hospital.

2019 saw Ryan leave his position (Picture: ITV)

Alongside Ryan, Kellie Shirley will also be appearing on the programme. Although she portrays Sophia Peters, she is most known for her role as EastEnder Carly, Shirley’s (Linda Henry) daughter.

The main character in Storm Damage’s first episode, Sinking Ships, is Cam (Barney Walsh), who must make a difficult choice in the midst of his shift.

While Tariq (Manpreet Bachu) attempts to assist Rash (Neet Mohan), Stevie (Elinor Lawless) forms an unexpected connection as a storm hits Holby.

Viewers saw Manpreet and Rida (Sarah Seggari) near Rash’s hospital bedside at the conclusion of the last season of Breaking Point, only hours after he made an attempt on his life.

Additionally, Kellie Shirley has joined the programme (Picture: BBC)

The dear doctor went through a really terrible period when his father passed away. Feeling hopeless and overcome by his feelings, Rash thought there was nothing further to be done.

Thankfully, Tariq located him and quickly took him to the hospital.

Neet Mohan previously told us about how he felt to be at the core of such a potent narrative, saying, “I guess there’s always some pressure but I was also really excited to tell the story because I think the show’s in such a good place and it’s telling such interesting stories.”

The presentation does a great job of shedding light on people’s experiences both within and outside of the NHS, which is exactly what I had hoped and felt would happen. It also tells the story in a wonderfully engaging manner. Most significantly, the stresses and emotions that a lot of medical staff members are experiencing.

It seemed like a pretty essential tale to convey, especially in light of current events. Being able to tell it via Rash makes me feel really honoured, and I believe that putting someone like Rash—who has been through a lot—in the centre of this was a really intriguing approach for the programme to convey the tale at this specific moment.

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