Inside Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt’s tragic baby loss of son Billy as she supports Toyah in recent scenes

The tragic story about the baby she shared with Todd Grimshaw

After learning that Toyah had lost her baby, Rose, Sarah stood by Toyah on Coronation Street tonight, Monday, June 10.

Sarah offered Toyah a sympathetic ear as she shared her story of losing a baby in 2004 and again in 2023.

We thus felt that we would encourage everyone to recall Sarah’s terrible passing.

Sarah lost two children. (Source: ITV)

On Coronation Street: Todd and Sarah

When Sarah first started dating Todd Grimshaw in 2004, she had aspirations of moving in to raise her daughter Bethany and their new child.

However, Todd was concealing his sexual orientation. Viewers saw the reality when, much to Nick’s astonishment, he made love to Sarah’s brother Nick one evening!

Todd later had an affair with nurse Karl Foster, and it was because of this love affair that he and Sarah ended their relationship when she became pregnant.

In tonight’s episode, Sarah informed Adam about the placental abruption she had as a result of the split, which also prompted the expectant mother to go into early labour.

Todd gave Nick a kiss. (Source: Shutterstock / ITV)

Billy and Sarah Barlow

Billy was a little infant who was born three months prematurely and survived for just three days before he died. Because Sarah thought Todd was to fault for the baby’s early delivery, she refused to allow Todd see his kid in the hospital before he passed away.

Gail, feeling sorry for Todd, handed him a picture of the child. Ultimately, Todd was permitted by Sarah to attend Billy’s burial, and the rest of his family joined the Platts in bidding the young man farewell.

Billy’s parents set aside their disagreements to attend the burial. (Source: Shutterstock / ITV)

Moving on

After Billy’s tragic death, the Grimshaws and the Platts were at odds for a very long time (though, to be honest, there wasn’t much love between them before that).

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