Matty doomed as he is arrested a second time in Emmerdale due to Samson’s vulgar new move

Josh, Samson and Matty in The Hide in Emmerdale
Matty’s future is bleak (Pictures: ITV)

Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) from Emmerdale is a kind guy, but because of Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) and his awful pal Josh (Osian Morgan), he is going to do time in jail. And in the episode that aired on Monday, June 10, Samson disregarded Matty’s entreaties for him to be honest and did things that would make things much, much worse.

When Josh and Samson began stirring things up at the Hide, Matty thought he had everything under control. Josh had been making inappropriate comments to Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson), which he called “flirting.” Matty defended his wife by chasing the rowdy lads away.

Josh then returned to the Hide and began to hurl abuse at Matty, including transphobic slurs. Matty attempted to eject him once again when he requested the money from the till; in response, Josh shoved Samson in Matty’s direction and told him to grab the money. Samson was inadvertently wounded by Matty, who was using a knife to clear a dish.

The police detained Matty while Samson, who had been stabbed in the side but whose wounds were not life-threatening, was being brought away in an ambulance. Although Josh and Samson continued to believe that he had stabbed them with the knife, he protested to the police that he had done nothing wrong.

After being granted bail, Matty was anxious about what jail life would be like for him, especially because he is a transgender guy. At the beginning of this episode, his family was attempting to reassure him of this. Cain (Jeff Hordley) was dispatched by Moira (Natalie J. Robb) to Wishing Well in order to speak with Samson.

With their protective barrier surrounding their kid, Lydia (Karen Blick) and Sam (James Hooton) ignored Cain’s pleas that Matty was innocent and that Samson and Josh were lying. Samson was taken upstairs, but while he was there, Cain spoke about how Matty would suffer if he went to jail. Samson seemed guilty, and it appeared that realisation dawned on him when Cain saw him and informed him it was still possible to speak the truth.

Josh shoved Samson into Matty, which led to the knife attack. (Image: ITV)

Later, Matty felt he had to try persuading Samson to speak the truth since he was unable to remain at home and do nothing. So, he left for Wishing Well. Samson appeared to be moved by his sincere appeal as well, since as soon as he left, Samson contacted the police.

Anyone who believed Samson was going to act morally need to look back to the previous year, when he was ready to take his infant Esther’s trust fund—which Noah Dingle had established for her—into his own. Prior to that, he essentially convinced social services that Esther’s mother Amelia (Daisy Campbell) was an unsuitable mother in order to place Esther in care and relieve him of the burden of managing her presence in the hamlet.

When PC Swirling (Andy Moore) showed up to arrest Matty for violating his bond after Samson informed the police that Matty had been pressing him to alter his story, all hope that he had matured and turned into a kinder person since then vanished.

When Samson, Lydia, and Sam witnessed Matty being brought away in tears, they were in the village. He pleaded with Samson to be honest once again. “What have you done, Samson?” he said. “I’m not going to jail!”

The Dingle family is now split between those who believe in Samson, who at least tried to appear a little bit guilty for what he’d done, and those who back Matty, while Cain and Sam stared at one other.

Will Samson ultimately make the correct decision, given how dire things seem for Matty?

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