Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle attacked again – but not by the usual suspects

Well, we didn’t expect that (Picture: ITV)

The attack on Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) on Friday’s (March 1) episode of Emmerdale left him with a severely battered ego.

Cain, Chas (Lucy Pargeter), Aaron (Danny Miller), and Caleb (William Ash) were called to the pub yesterday.

Chas revealed to her loved ones in the back room that a defective BRCA1 gene was the cause of her breast cancer. She affirmed that Cain, Caleb, and Aaron will almost certainly carry the gene because it is hereditary, and if they do, their risk of developing specific cancers will be increased.

The three was obviously surprised by the news, but Cain wasn’t in the mood to talk about it on tonight’s episode.

Moira (Natalie J. Robb) was researching the BRCA1 gene when Cain stated he would rather not worry about a diagnosis he might not get and instead concentrate on helping Chas, who has cancer.

Chas, meantime, was occupied with planning a small celebration for Mandy’s (Lisa Riley) birthday in the pub. When Caleb showed up with feisty Ruby (Beth Cordingly), the Dingles were all thrown.

Ruby is not the kind of person who gets affected by strange looks from other people. She tested the Dingles first, but even though she doesn’t really like them, she held her own and started ordering a drink at the bar.

Ruby wasn’t messing around (Picture: ITV)

But Ruby was curious about what was going on when she heard conversations regarding the DNA test.

Then it was clear that Caleb had kept his news from Ruby. The Dingles watched as a fight broke out, Cain getting increasingly irritated that the couple had disrupted a family gathering yet again.

Ruby was approached by Cain, who gave her the order to leave. He had to concentrate on hitting a nerve with words because he could never physically harm Ruby, but it didn’t work.

Ruby took charge, and when Cain wouldn’t move out of her way, she gave him a crotch poke before heading back to the bar.

Oh no.

When Ruby came back from the restroom at Mill Cottage, we witnessed an entirely new side of her. With mascara streaming down her face, she confided in Caleb that she is truly afraid of him passing away.

Though he hugged Ruby and was certain he wouldn’t die, how much will change if he takes the DNA test?

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