Emmerdale’s Daisy Campbell confirms Amelia story ‘not done in soap before’

Amelia has experienced a lot (Image: ITV)

The forthcoming Emmerdale episodes will include stressful moments for Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) and her father Dan (Liam Fox), as Dan will be charged with GBH after confronting a guy who has been harassing Amelia both online and in person.

Amelia’s involvement in posting cosmetics lesson videos to social media is when the issues started. Amelia seemed to have not yet learned how to protect her privacy online, despite the fact that she previously had a negative social media experience that contributed to her developing an eating issue.

Daisy Campbell told us, “I feel like she’s kind of forgotten what happened to her last year and she’s not really taken into account how scary the situation is.” I believe that she will eventually realise the risks associated with social networking.

Due to Amelia’s actions, she starts to get some strange messages from a person who turns out to be a man named Lloyd (Matt Sutton).

Daisy said, “She truly believed he was someone else. She is being tormented, but not physically; rather, he frequently toys with her head.He’s played it very, very clever so that you’re sitting there and you’re like, “I don’t know how to feel about this” when you watch it on TV when it eventually comes out. She is perplexed, feels awful, and is unsure of what to do. She’s still young, and Amelia is in a different circumstance. It seems like he’s normal from the way he’s handled it.

Dan tries to deal with Lloyd by filing a police report when Noah (Jack Downham) and Dan become alarmed by Lloyd’s actions. Dan tries to intimidate Lloyd into backing down with threats, but they remain uninterested. As things become worse, Lloyd provokes Dan, who then strikes him hard and seriously injures him.

When Lloyd came in the community, he made his identity known (ITV picture).

And instead of defending Amelia, Dan is now in danger of doing time in jail. Daisy outlined the response that her character had to all of this.

She seems astonished and even perplexed. She’s attempting to make her point while being pretty irate since she doesn’t understand why Dan did this. She’s terrified as well since she feels responsible for starting the whole social media phenomenon.

Dan subsequently attacks Amelia after becoming furious with himself. He accuses her of being the root of the problem during their heated argument.

Daisy said, “It actually felt like my own dad was yelling at me.” Dan has never lost his cool with Amelia; instead, he constantly intervenes when she loses it. He snaps at Amelia in this circumstance, and it felt dreadful, like I was truly being yelled at. Dan’s persona has a distinct aspect that I also noticed. To bring up all that will occur, it had to occur.

Daisy believes that this is a topic that demands to be discussed because it hasn’t been done in a soap opera in the same manner that Dan’s acts are investigated in their aftermath.

“I remember studying this in eighth grade, and I remember hearing a man’s story about how his son experienced a similar circumstance,” she recounted. “When we were called up to learn more, we felt it was fantastic. In a soap opera, it hasn’t actually been done before.

“I think it’s going to be a good one,” she said.

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