Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd given heartbreaking ultimatum as Charity Dingle spirals

Viewers of Emmerdale saw Charity Dingle’s ongoing struggles with accepting the truth that she had stabbed Mackenzie Boyd during a round of night terrors.

In Tuesday night’s episode of Emmerdale, Lawrence Robb’s character Mackenzie Boyd faced a difficult choice. Fans of the ITV soap opera saw recent scenes in which Mack’s wife Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) stabbed him when she was having a bad dream.

Viewers have witnessed her overcome with remorse when Mack was taken to the hospital, despite the fact that she believed he had been someone else when she had assaulted him. In the episode that aired on Tuesday night, Charity declared her desire to be alone and shut herself off from the hamlet.

But after seeing how upset Charity was, Mack felt compelled to go back home and make an effort to calm her down. Regretfully, it was evident that she was losing control as she made threats to permanently depart.

She asked him why he wasn’t afraid of her and advised him to return to the hospital during their talk. She later said that she was afraid of herself. Mack said, “You weren’t at fault.”

She chastised him, saying that talking to a counselor or specialist would not solve Charity’s situation. Not very soon, however. You’re not allowed here till I’m fixed.”

Mack was given an ultimatum by Charity on Tuesday night (Image: ITV)

Charity asked Mack to leave the home even though she warned him there was a danger she may injure him or the kids again.

She wasn’t having any of Mack’s attempts to reassure her that he wouldn’t abandon her when she needed him the most.

She responded by giving him a choice: “You go, or I do.”

By the conclusion of the show, fans witnessed her resort to booze as he conceded defeat and left her alone in the home.

Mack was stabbed by Charity while she was suffering from a nightmare (Image: ITV)

Soon after, a number of viewers expressed their concerns about the situation on Twitter, with many of them wondering what Charity would do.

“How can Charity get better on her own?” asked @SARamsay1. That is not going to occur in the current situation!

“Charity will end up hurting Moses if she isn’t careful,” @RyanTheSoapking said. She must accept expert assistance.

As said by a different social media user: “Charity’s situation is not looking good. stabbing Mack [sic] and shooting Harry. I wonder if instead of going down, she’ll be sectioned.

Emmerdale fans are worries for Charity’s mental health (Image: ITV)

“Charity needs help, otherwise someone may get hurt,” @Winis_World continued.

“Why has Charity not been sectioned or something? She stabbed someone,” questioned @DannyMFansite. #emmerdale

The tweet “Charity needs to get the help she desperately needs and not just by them finally getting rid of Mack tw*t” was posted by @itzzzo_ and included. (sic)

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