Emmerdale’s Mark Charnock reveals how he has battled past anxiety with major achievement

Mark recently faced a challenge that tested his anxiety levels (Picture: Getty)

Marlon (Mark Charnock), who hasn’t driven since having a stroke, is given the challenge of operating his new, modified vehicle by Rhona (Zoe Henry) for a special “Face Your Fears Day” episode of Emmerdale that will broadcast shortly.

He is optimistic, Mark Charnock said to us. He desires to regain his independence and demonstrate to his pals that he is not entirely dependent upon them. and that they are not need to be present at all times.

So, yeah, he is optimistic. But he lacks that sense of self-assurance and self-aggression about simply doing it. I believe that he would prefer not to face learning once more.

Mark, who understands how challenging it can be to face your anxieties, said to us that how someone tackles overcoming their fears greatly relies on their personality and the circumstances.

For instance, he said, “For me, the thought of riding a roller coaster would make my fear of heights worse.” However, in my opinion, seeing a scary movie may help you overcome your phobias. Psychoanalysts can suggest that seeing a horror movie is beneficial in certain respects since it exorcises so many bodily demons. But in the comfort of your living room, you are acting out your worries.

While on a rollercoaster, you are not riding in the safety of your living room, but rather, you are moving about at a very high speed on something extremely high. It won’t, in my opinion, make you feel any less afraid. Therefore, for me, it fully depends on the situation and the nature of your true fear.

He mentioned one instance when, with a little assistance from his Emmerdale cast mates, he did face his own concerns head-on.

Marlon is tasked with driving for the first time after his stroke (Picture: ITV)

We performed as a group on the singing competition Britain Get Singing, which aired on ITV around Christmas. Even though I wasn’t singing solo, I was quite frightened since I’m not a vocalist,’ he revealed.

You know what, though? It was an incredible process to go through. I was working with six other Emmerdale actors who were wonderful and encouraging. I believe it was similar to Marlon’s experience with his driving accident where he found support from others. I had incredible encouragement from my cast members, and at the end I was almost eager to perform. which, thanks entirely to the individuals I did it with, had an astounding change over the course of 72 hours.

Merry Christmas Everyone was performed by the ensemble, which included Lisa Riley as Mandy, Olivia Bromley as Dawn, Jay Kontzle as Billy, Daisy Campbell as Amelia, Bradley Johnson as Vinny, and Lawrence Robb as Mackenzie. The judges praised the group’s ‘joyful’ performance.

Mark was singled out by Judge Jason Manford, who noted how anxious he had been earlier.

I got the nicest six parachutes you could ask for, so it was like leaping out of an aircraft! Mark answered.

When reflecting on the event, Mark told us, “It was a big deal for me.” I’ll never be a singer, but being up there and performing that helped me realize that if I can handle that, I can probably handle other things that make me anxious.

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