Ethan Anderson dies in Emmerdale after collapse

Ruby ran him down in a car last weeK

Tonight’s episode of Emmerdale included Ethan Anderson’s passing. It was unexpected even though it had been strongly implied that he would pass away after the revelation of a collapse in last week’s spoilers.

Many of the soap opera’s fans who voiced their disbelief said it was totally unexpected.

Ethan was facing court over the car crash (Credit: ITV)

Ethan in hit and run drama

Ethan was killed by a vehicle last week that was being driven by Ruby Fox-Miligan. After Ethan drove his vehicle too fast and wrecked, she became enraged and sought retribution. Her son Nicky spent weeks unconscious after the tragedy.

But more than the incident itself, it infuriated her that Ethan had abandoned Nicky without phoning for assistance. Then, in an attempt to hide his participation, he lied.

Ruby wanted blood on her hands once the truth was out. She knocked Ethan down and informed him it was just a scare tactic, not a plan to murder. Ruby chuckled and told him to watch his back if Nicky died because she would do the job the next time, even though he maintained they were equal.

Thankfully, Nicky awoke and is doing well.

Nevertheless, Ethan might have spent as much as five years in prison for his involvement in the collision. And tragedy occurred as he prepared for tonight’s (Tuesday, May 28) court appearance.

Ruby made it very clear she was out for blood (Credit: ITV)

Ethan Anderson dies in Emmerdale

Ethan heard Ruby and Rose scheming against Kim Tate yesterday, Monday, May 27. Ethan warned Dawn about her mother’s actions in a message that he left her after discussing the matter with Charles.

But as he dressed for court, he was seen to be unsteady. When Charles entered the living room, he saw his son lying on the ground, clutching his head as if in agony.

Fearful After Charles dialled for help, Manpreet reached his house. She began CPR, but the situation didn’t seem promising.

In fact, they weren’t. After Ethan was brought to the hospital in an ambulance, Charles returned a while later in tears with Manpreet.

Charles remarked to Claudette while she was waiting, “He’s gone, Mum. Ethan and he are both deceased.

Claudette broke down in tears and pleaded, “How could this happen? Young guys do not just die.

Charles cited last week’s hit-and-run incident and maintained that it was what killed him, despite Manpreet’s insistence that they were still in the dark.

He vowed to the all-powerful God that he would not stop until the person responsible for the murder was held accountable.

Ruby, who was standing close by and had an ashen face, reeled in amazement in the meanwhile. How will she handle things moving ahead, knowing she is likely a murderer because of her role in his death?

Despite Manpreet’s best effort’s, Ethan couldn’t be saved (Credit: ITV)

Fans react

Even though there had been some speculation about Ethan’s death, those in attendance had much to say.

“Ethan is deceased? One gasped, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Ethan’s dead?” another person said. How?

“Whoaaaat! Another said, “They killed off Ethan. I didn’t see that coming.”

“Well that was a shocker, Ems do like to do a random death every now and then,” said the fourth.

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