ITV Emmerdale shock double exit as ‘character sent down for murder’ after death twist

Ethan and Ruby
Emmerdale could air a shocking double exit in the coming days – after one character departed tonight and another could be jailed for their murder

Following the departure of one character tonight and the potential imprisonment of another for their murder, Emmerdale may feature a dramatic double exit in the days to come.

There may be a shocking double departure in Emmerdale in a dramatic death twist.

Tonight’s horrific scenes from the ITV serial opera included Emile John’s character, Ethan Anderson, collapsing and tragically dying. Despite the valiant efforts of Manpreet Sharma and Charles Anderson to save Ethan’s life, he passed away shortly after being taken to the hospital.

“Charles has lost his one and only constant, who has been in his life throughout when others have come and gone,” actor Kevin, who portrays Charles, said in reference to the pivotal sequences. Charles has to adjust to living without Ethan.

“Charles will find it quite difficult to cope with. Knowing that Emile was going was heartbreaking. We kind of clicked right immediately when we entered the programme together, and he’s been fantastic as my kid. We’ve had some amazing times together, and he’s a fantastic friend. Although the trip has been incredible, it will be strange to have him sit across from me in the changing room.”

Ethan lost his life tonight

if Kevin seems OK with Emile leaving, Charles still feels as if he has lost his son. Though it is obvious that he is horrified and distraught, he has promised to get vengeance on whomever ran Ethan over since he feels that they are to blame for Ethan’s death.

If Charles finds out who was really driving that day, may this result in a shock departure for another resident?

Naturally, Emile John, who has been playing Ethan on the ITV serial opera for three years, is leaving the role in light of Ethan’s passing. “By this point in the storyline, Ethan has realised that he grew up with a lot of morals and whatever the consequences, doing the right thing comes first,” Kevin added in reference to the breakdown scenes. Ethan will act honourably and take responsibility for his actions since he feels bad about what happened to Nicky. Charles tells Ethan how proud he is of him for doing the right thing on the day of the court hearing. He promises that they will confront whatever comes their way together.

“Ethan is also experiencing a great sense of self-assurance that he is doing morally. Charles tells Ethan that he won’t be incarcerated for very long and that, hopefully, his sentence won’t be too harsh. Charles then becomes aware that he is not receiving a response. Upon returning from the kitchen to the living area, he discovers Ethan lying on the floor. He switches to emergency mode without realising what’s happening.”

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