ITV Emmerdale triple exit ‘sealed’ as Matty Barton framed by newcomer after stabbing

According to Emmerdale spoilers, two families will be shattered in the next scenes as a horrific stabbing rattles the town and one resident’s life is in jeopardy.

Emmerdale: Matty ultimately stabs Samson Dingle (ITV image)

Fans of Emmerdale are getting ready for a wild turn of events the following week, as a stabbing incident has the potential to drastically alter the lives of many characters. The community will be rocked by an unexpected assault, with one inhabitant perhaps losing their life and at least two lives in jeopardy.

But not only will the victim’s life be flipped upside down, but the knife-wielder’s as well. Josh (Osian Morgan), a newbie, provokes Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano), who then inadvertently stabs Samson Dingle (Sam Hall).

Matty is shocked when Josh fabricates evidence to suggest that Matty assaulted Samson on purpose while he lays wounded after the incident.

This might be disastrous for Matty, who worries that his career could be in danger since he seems guilty even though everyone knows it was a mistake. might this result in a dramatic jail plot where he leaves the show?

As Josh shows there, the tension starts when Samson reveals their intentions to visit Europe, dropping hints about Samson’s impending departure from the ITV serial opera. Amy Wyatt (Natalie J Robb), Matty’s wife, feels uncomfortable enough to leave work early due to Josh’s constant flirting.

Emmerdale: Josh, the newcomer, is expected to worsen matters for two families (Image: ITV)

Josh is still picking fights with Amy and Matty, and his nasty attitude becomes worse when he finds out Matty is transgender.

when getting kicked out of the HOP, Samson seeks retribution on Matty when he gives him a dead name.

A tumultuous situation breaks out, leading to a furious altercation. Samson’s life is in jeopardy as Josh shoves him hard into Matty, who is brandishing a knife. Samson is pierced by the blade.

While Samson’s future is yet unknown, Matty will undoubtedly come under close observation.

Emmerdale observed that the community has several exits (Image: ITV)

Given their common Dingle connection, may this unexpected turn of events spark a schism among the family? Moreover, would Matty’s version of events hold up?

Being Samson’s uncle Cain Dingle’s stepson (Jeff Hordley), Matty will surely test Cain’s allegiance.

But if Matty is effectively set up, may this result in his sombre exit from the hamlet in the event that he is imprisoned?

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