ITV Emmerdale’s Charity ‘saved by surprise person’ after gruesome Mack stabbing

Actress Emma Atkins of Emmerdale divulges who will step in to save Charity Dingle after her vicious stabbing of Mackenzie Boyd in the most recent episode of the soap opera.

In Emmerdale, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), who stabbed Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), is rescued by an unexpected figure.

Since she murdered Harry Harris (Robert Beck) on Christmas Day to protect Mackenzie, Charity has been experiencing nightmares and hallucinations. Charity persisted in insisting she was OK, but on Thursday, February 22, during the scene at the bar, she began behaving suspiciously.

Charity had a false impression that Harry was attempting to frighten her while he was at her home. Mackenzie tried to assist Charity once he came home.

But Charity was so scared that she mistook Mackenzie for Harry. “Leave me alone,” she said to Mack before defending herself by stabbing him with a knife.

Charity has been suffering from hallucinations since Harry’s death

After suffering severe injuries, Mackenzie urged Charity to contact for assistance, adding, “Charity Please dial an ambulance for me.

However, Charity was too stunned to act when Moira Dingle (played by Natalie J. Robb) entered and attempted to assist Mackenzie.

Mackenzie was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and Charity was taken away by law enforcement.

In an interview with the Daily Star, actress Emma Atkins revealed that Charity’s former lover, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), is the one who comes to her assistance.

Charity pretended she was OK when Mack arrived in the previous Emmerdale episode (Image: ITV)

“She cuts herself off and it’s Cain who comes into the house and brings her to her senses a little bit,” adds the actress. He advises her that she has to receive assistance and come out of her shell.

The 48-year-old Emma goes on, “They go into the woods as he takes her. However, she claims that since she doesn’t trust herself, she can’t be around or with anybody. Would she consider therapy, he asks?

“However, Charity believes she can help someone figure out this nightmare of a life. She just cannot since there is no preventing what could come out once she unravels.”

The ordeal with Harry came to ahead at Christmas resulting in Charity killing him (Image: ITV)

Emma reveals that Cain understands the benefits of therapy since he seen Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) go through it after his murder of Al Chapman (Michael Wildman). She continues, “But again, Charity tries to deny that she needs help.”

Charity resolves to make an appointment with the doctor when Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) also comes to her aid. Emma says, “She acknowledges that she needs actual help.”

Given Charity’s need for assistance, is it possible for them to repair after Charity seriously injured Mack?

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