THREE’S A CROWD Vanessa Woodfield grows closer to her ex in Emmerdale as love triangle brews

Another villager has shown interest in Suzy Merton.

The iconic SOAP star Vanessa Woodfield visited the Dales again and quickly ran across her former partner Suzy Merton.

However, Michelle Hardwick’s character, the vet, is unaware that the wedding planner is also attracting the attention of another Emmerdale resident.

Vanessa returned to the Dales in recent scenes of the ITV dramaCredit: ITV
She bumped into her ex Suzy MertonCredit: ITV
But another resident has her eye on the wedding plannerCredit: ITV

In recent scenes from the ITV soap opera, Rhona Goskirk was planning a dramatic relocation to Canada with a stolen infant named Ivy.

She called her friend Vanessa Woodfield, who had been missing from the community of the same name for more than a year, for assistance in her haste to leave the Dales.

Upon her return to Emmerdale with her son Johnny, the celebrity ran into her ex-girlfriend Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) at The Hide.

To the dismay of Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson), the couple rekindled their romance and even shared a kiss, despite the time that had passed since their sorrowful parting.

The next week, Suzy and Vanessa engage in a seductive conversation at the Woollie Bar.

But what will be Mary’s response to their friendship?

Before Vanessa came back, the relationship between Mary and Suzy seemed to be taking a serious turn. This was especially true when the wedding planner raved over Belle and Tom’s ceremonial arrangements, asking when she would be able to walk down the aisle.

Mary was saddened to witness Suzy and Vanessa kissing outside The Hide. Mary has had a difficult time moving on from her cunning ex-girlfriend Faye.

She hasn’t expressed her emotions, however, so maybe next week we might persuade her?

This is yet unknown, but there’s a chance that another villager will make everything more difficult.

Vanessa and Charity Dingle, an Emmerdale icon (Emma Atkins), have a shared history.

Charity threw everything away for a brief affair with troublemaker Mackenzie Boyd, despite the fact that the couple was previously engaged. Vanessa’s cancer fight appeared to complicate matters for them.

Because of their enduring connection, viewers of the Yorkshire-based show have been keen to see Vanessa and Charity together again.

Several social media users have begged the executives of the soap opera to encourage Vanessa and Charity to get back together.

One said on X, the old Twitter platform, “I can’t stop hoping that Vanessa is back to find Charity after she’s stabbed Mack.”

“I can envision Ness comforting her to the point where Charity is finally dozing off in Vanessa’s lap when Liam or the police show there. Is it possible for this to occur already?”

What is the true course of events?

ITV broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

Suzy and Vanessa dated before she left for CanadaCredit: ITV
But could she be interested in someone else?

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