Kerry’s big return addressed by Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell for tragic Amelia story

Kerry has been away from the village ever since Al’s death (Pictures: ITV)

Everything changed after Lloyd was hospitalized in Emmerdale after Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) punched him in the face.

After discovering the teen’s social media account online, Amelia’s (Daisy Campbell) stalker, Lloyd, made his way to the community with the goal of spending more time with her.

Dan repeatedly cautioned the creepy man, but Lloyd enjoyed getting him all up. As a result, Dan punched Lloyd, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on a rock.

Dan was taken to a police station and questioned about the incidents as Lloyd was being brought to the hospital. He was warned that if Lloyd died, he would likely spend a significant period of time in prison, so he was left to wait as his adversary continued to show no indications of recovering from his coma.

In forthcoming episodes, Amelia and Dan discuss running away because they are so afraid of losing each other.

It’s a very dangerous choice, and if the authorities find the family, Dan could have to do even more time behind bars.

Young Amelia will be left on her own to raise baby Esther if the adored character is sentenced to jail time.

Daisy Campbell wishes to see Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), who was briefly involved with Dan, make a comeback in this plot even though she thinks Amelia will have support from characters like Mandy (Lisa Riley) and Noah (Jack Downham).

She remarked, “I think Amelia would adore that.”

Even though Dan and Kerry aren’t together anymore and she didn’t see her very often, they had been so close for years. Kerry is like a second mother to Amelia, so it would be wonderful to have her back to support her. I believe Amelia would feel much more at ease if Kerry were around. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Amelia and Dan debate running away (Picture: ITV)

Daisy reflected on the potential for Amelia and Dan to flee and stated, “Amelia does get ahead of herself, she tends to do that quite a lot.”

When she has an idea, she follows through on it. But I believe she is wondering, “Is this going to work?” in the back of her mind. She must consider Esther, Noah, and everyone else she has ever been acquainted with or with. I believe she can, but only because she is a little bit deluded. She may, however, be aware in the back of her mind that it won’t work.

Liam Fox joined Daisy for the interview and said that regardless of how this plot develops, Dan’s character would be altered irrevocably.

Liam says that Dan has completely changed as a person (Picture: ITV)

No matter what happens, he will never be the same. Whether or whether the penalty include incarceration. My research has a role in this. I didn’t personally meet anyone, but there was a man on YouTube, I believe from Derbyshire, who had committed a one-punch offense and had been out of jail for four to five years.

Despite the passage of time, he was deeply touched by what he had done and the suffering it had caused the families involved. That incident occurred more often when people were intoxicated in a bar. I think it will always be at the back of your mind if you have taken a life.

“It doesn’t matter what happens in court or in the future,” he continued.

Dan won’t regain his former self for a very long time. In particular, Mr. Fun-Loving, Daft Dan, the Dan we initially saw when he joined the program. You will undoubtedly view life in an entirely new light after experiencing something like this, and for good reason.

The notion that someone as common and everyman as Dan might find himself in this circumstance, hopefully works for the viewer as well.

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