Mary utterly broken as she receives big news in Emmerdale spoiler video

As Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) makes amends with her ex-girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) in Emmerdale, Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) will be devastated.

In recent months, viewers of the ITV soap opera have witnessed unlucky in love Mary battle her affections for wedding designer Suzy.

Since coming out as gay two years ago during an emotional talk with her close friend Kim Tate (Claire King), Mary has faced many challenges.

After sending intimate photos to her partner Faye Helders (Jane Gurnett), her first serious lesbian relationship ended tragically due to blackmail.

Vanessa returned to the hamlet last month after spending some time in Canada, where she grew closer to Suzy and attempted to make amends with her former partner.

Mary feels uneasy with the conversation (Picture: ITV)

Has Vanessa realised? (Picture: ITV)

Mary nearly admitted her feelings for Suzy at Belle and Tom King’s (Eden Taylor-Draper and James Chase) wedding celebration, but she was stopped when Vanessa planted a kiss on her lips.

Mary’s anxiety is expected to increase when she has a cup of coffee at the Main Street Café, according to a new spoiler video.

After spending the night with Suzy, blissfully oblivious Vanessa asks her for love advise over a cup of tea.

Oh no.

Mary, taken aback by the revelation, quickly leaves the room and offers her justifications, which are picked up on.

Will she have the guts to tell Suzy how she really feels?

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