Watch the tense Coronation Street moment that Stephen is caught out

A new spoiler video warns that Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), who has been playing a risky game on Coronation Street, could soon be exposed.

In the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera, Lou Donahue (Eleanor Howell) disclosed that she had discovered an etching on the back of a tie pin that caused her to wonder whether it had indeed belonged to her departed husband, Rufus. This revelation gave Stephen quite the shock.

The viewers will recall that Stephen really misplaced this tie pin when he drowned Rufus in his swimming pool after spiking his drink with LSD.

The next week, Stephen takes great effort to hide his traces since Lou is scheduled to give her findings to the authorities.

In the latest clip, Stephen successfully enters Lou’s hotel room and starts searching through her belongings for his lost tie pin.

Stephen is going to be approached by someone. (Image from ITV)

He is at a loss after inspecting every luggage, but then he notices her jewelry box perched on the edge.

He opens it and breathes a sigh of relief as soon as he sees the tie pin.

However, as he prepares to go, someone unlocks the door, seemingly preparing to rumble him.

Who exactly caught him in the act, and may this be the end for him?

Stephen has been terrorizing people for more than a year, and during that time, the serial murderer has claimed three victims’ lives.

Though he could be discovered soon, as recent images show that one of his corpses is about to be discovered.

Teddy Thompkins was murdered by Stephen, who then threw Teddy’s corpse in the canal after stuffing it into Audrey’s (Sue Nicholls) roof box.

In recent photos, the venerable DS Swain can be seen helping to remove the roof box out of the water.

Are we about to see Stephen the Evil’s demise?

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